Nutrient timing means consuming proper nutrients at an appropriate time corresponding to your workout. The training and performance of an athlete, not only depends on the proper nutrition but also it's timing that when the athlete is consuming it. If you are fueling properly before, during, and after the training session, then your performance will get better day by day. However, if you are taking the meal anonymously during your hard workout days, you will soon get fatigued because of the lack of nutrition.

Nutrient timing is also important because it is needed for repairing the muscle damage caused by training and workouts. Also, if you are not taking nutrients before the workout. You may be faced with hypoglycemia (depletion in the glucose level in the body.) It means that proper nutrients are a must before, during, and after your workout.

Now the question arises that which nutrients are needed to take at what time? You might ask that when to take carbohydrates, when to consume proteins, and when fats are good for you? Don't worry. We will answer your above-asked queries in the following section.


Carbohydrate means instant energy. It is the primary source of glycogen, which is mainly needed in workouts. It means that carbohydrates should be taken before the workout session. Because you will only perform well if you have surplus glycogen in muscles and liver. You can also compare yourself with the car, which will only cover the distance if its tank is full.

Try to take carbohydrates two times before your workout in form of portions. For example, take carbohydrates once 1-3 hours before your training along with other macronutrients and once 20-30 mins before your workout session. If your training session is over 1 hour, then you also need to take carbohydrates during your workout session. You also need to take carbohydrates right after 15-20 minutes of workout because they are needed to maintain your glucose level after the session. It means that carbohydrates are essential before, during, and after a workout.



Proteins are needed to repair the muscle damage caused by the workouts. So, your daily protein intake is essential for the proper working of your muscles. However, you need to take proteins in your post-workout dinner because they will repair your muscles and prepare you to participate again in the workouts.


Considering the above-written text, we can say that portion meals are the best way to fulfill your daily nutrient intake. For example, you can incorporate all the macronutrients in the meal that you will take 1-3 hours before the workout. Then, add a small portion of carbohydrate intake 20 mins before your workout. You can also take a small part of carbs during the training, and the post-training carb portion is essential for refilling the energy. At last, take proteins in your meal after the training. A sample meal plan is as follows:

Nutrient timings


1-3 hours before a workout

Boiled or grilled chicken piece with salad and fresh juice or our Pre-Workout product ASCEND

15-20 mins before workout

Nut butter and banana sandwich formed with whole-grain toast or hummus/ 100% fruit juice banana and dates

Between the workout

 An apple or banana or our During Workout product SOAR.

15-20 mins after workout

Blueberries or Post Workout product FORGE.

45mins after workout

Tuna fish 3 oz, whole fruit or vegetable salad along with boiled rice or toast