5 Best No Equipment Exercise for Strength Training

Do you have no weights or machines?
No problem, we have found out the 5 best and effective exercises that require no equipment. There is no need for any dumbbells, exercise machines, or resistance bands. Your body is your best tool that helps you in getting an effective workout. These body strengthening exercises will help you in adding definition to your muscles while toning your body. Besides, these exercises make you more active in doing your daily physical activities like carrying heavy bags or lifting your kid for practicing posture.
After inspiring the idea that we can become stronger, better, harder, and faster while using our body only, we discuss it with our trainers. Here are the top 5 best, effective and beneficial exercises that you can perform anytime without any equipment with the help of professionals. If you are not doing this, add them to your routine now.

1. Squats
Squats are among the prominent and vital parts of your workout routine. It is a multi-task workout where you activate your back and core, practice balance, promote circulation, and burn fat. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest yet the most effective functional exercises. It means you can also get rid of your problem while squatting down to reach your fridge’s bottom.

2. Lunges
Contrary to the standard squats, there is a significant shift in weight in lunges due to stepping backward and forward. Many people think that lunges only target your legs, but the fact is it works on your calves, glutes, and hamstrings. Lunges increase your flexibility of hip flexors as you are using your core and lower back in balancing.

3. Planks
Planks are indeed the best exercise that has many benefits and can be done anywhere without the need for any equipment. Jessica Muenster’s, Ceasar Barajas, and Amanda Murdock have planks at the top of their favorite exercise.
Planking has many health-related benefits, especially in reducing your back pain. It will improve your overall posture that would have a domino effect on your shoulders and neck and eliminate the pain accompanied by slouching. When abs start to support and activate your body, you will feel a strain relief of your back.

4. Push-ups
Push-up is a compound exercise that engages several muscles at once. This effective compound exercise engages your biceps, triceps, cores, deltoids and keeps your stable lower body as well. When you are using all of these muscles simultaneously, your heart has to work harder to push blood to your muscles. In simple words, push-ups also work as a cardiovascular exercise that helps improve your heart’s health.

5. Balancing poses
Balancing poses in yoga has a positive health impact on both mental and physical health. In our body, these exercises help us support ourselves, lengthen and strengthen the muscles, and explore the center of gravity. Regular practices of balance poses are extremely helpful in improving the functions of the body’s equilibrium.

Benefits of strength training exercises
Two or three 20 to 30 minutes of these strength training sessions in a week are hugely beneficial and have significant health benefits. Some of them are:
1. Increased muscle mass:
With the increasing age, there is a natural decrease in muscle mass, but these strengthening exercises are beneficial in reversing the trends.
2. Stronger bones
These strengthened training are extremely helpful in decreasing the fracture risk by increasing bone density.
3. Joint flexibility
These exercises play their role in maintaining the joints’ flexibility that helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis.
4. Weight control
When you gain muscle, it becomes easier for you to burn your body calories quickly and lose weight.
5. Balance
These strengthening exercises improved your body’s balance that benefits in minimizing the injury risks when you fall.